Simple hacks to clean Green Swimming Pools

I love to swim. I started as a little kid and have been a competitive swimmer ever since. I still swim regularly, and now my husband and I are avid campers and spend most of our summers in swimming pools, which means we spend a lot of time cleaning them.

The easiest way is Hiring some Professional Swimming Pool services

As the owner of C&T (the name of the business I own with my husband) we’ve got a lot of experience cleaning pools. It turns out it’s hard work, especially cleaning pools that are as green as ours.

We’re surrounded by lakes and rivers, but there are still lakes that are murky and ugly. You can’t imagine what a difference it makes to know what’s in them. And even if you want to clean them, how do you?

Swimming pool water

And the biggest obstacle to getting clean pools clean is that all of our swimming pools are filled with “swimming pool water”. When you buy a pool there are multiple options for cleaning. There is chlorine, a chemical treatment for chlorine, and an electrochemical process called “OCEAN” that gives the water a clean

On Friday, November 2, hundreds of fishermen were forced to return home from their trawling grounds in the coastal city of Kochi in Kerala, India. According to Reuters, the culprit? Indian officials stopped the fishermen from going where they wanted to go: The high seas, in search of tuna. The reason? There’s a large patch of toxic blue-green algae growing there. This “harmful algal bloom,” which looks a lot like scum in photos, contains cyanotoxins — toxins that are known to cause skin rashes and poisoning, and may also be fatal.

Blue-green algae is a common pollutant, found in freshwater and marine environments around the world, including Lake Erie, where Toledo, Ohio, was forced to shut down drinking water for more than 400,000 people for three days in 2014 due to contamination. But nowhere is it more abundant than in swimming pools, where it’s known as bacterial meningoencephalitis (BME) and can lead to skin rashes.

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